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SIK 2.0

This will be the death of me…

“Did I misunderstand or do Sheldon and Amy kiss on their every date now?”


As far as i know since i’m not longer reading the taping report Sheldon kissed Amy again for the 2nd time after their Valentines date.

The fact that Amy mentioned “It’s date night, aren’t you forgetting something?” meant IMO that Sheldon/they revised the Relationship agreement. Since he responded to that with “oh! of course”. Since all of their friends already knew that they made out. 

Now, I cannot directly answer the question about “every date” because we only saw them kiss  on their 2 consecutive date nights..We can assume that is …but i feel that the writers wont do it often…

but if the writers made them kiss all the time.. the SIK magic will no longer be there….

and that is only my opinion…

New and Improve Sheldon Initiated Kiss

Never letting go…

Never letting go…

The kiss that rocked my world…

The fear in Sheldon’s eyes…

Are you nuts?!!

Are you nuts?!!

The fact that Sheldon didn’t release Amy’s lips from kissing while he’s talking speaks volumes!

I cant! I simply cant!!!

Yeah, sheldon the GERMOPHOBE did that!

Yes, Sheldon Cooper who knows EVERYTHING there is about KISSING

yeah… that’s SHELDON FUCKING COOPER for crying out loud!

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